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Chi Kung and Tao meditation.

 Self-experience, waking of the inner force, expanding of the conciousness,  looking  for ways of healing. These are all critereas, who have found  their way in thousands of years in the chinese culture to build a fundamental base to protect health, stimulating of the vitality, as well as  prolonging life and further development of the mental life.

Teacher: Fernando Liuzzi.


Building up, controle and storage of seeds, protection of the plants, working with the help of the bio-dynamic seedingcalender of Maria Thun, planting in the open.

Preparation of the soil.

Fertilizing, green fertilizing, desinfection of a ecological homegarden.

Teacher: The "Centro Las Torcas"-Team
Compost making - Preparation of Seedbeds, Handling of seeds, Mulching, Use of the mooncalender. Selfmade Elaboration of  ecological pesticide , Technique of irrigation.
Teacher: The "Centro Las Torcas"-Team.
 TAO-YOGA: Energy Reactivation, Therapysytems of Opening and Harmonization of the Channels that controls our psycho and physical Balance, for the Health and the Development of our inner Perception.
Chi-kung-Exercises, yoga and Meditationes, Taoistas-Shiatsu etc.
Teacher: Fernando Liuzzi
Information: Telf. 600 70 70 64-958 540 393

Baking of several sorts of bread and bakery.

Yoga and meditation.

A journey to the inner peace!
Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation, Mantras, inner Alchemie and Sensibilisation.

Teacher: Fernando Liuzzi
Information: 600 70 70 64—958 540 393

Teacher:  The "Centro Las Torcas"-Team

More Information

The courses an seminars are on weekends. The reception take place on friday starting from 6:00pm. until  the farewell on  Sunday.
  The participants can stay in the Centro Las Torcas. You can bring along your sleeping bags  We recommend that you bring a torch and comfortable clothes with you .  It`s better to don´t bring  your dogs, since we have own animals.
The food is ovo-lacto-vegetarian, with ecological products, mostly from our finca.
The price for the weekend courses is 120€: inclusive education, accommodation and food.
If you are interested in our seminars or courses you can obtain more information by calling us.

Marianne Hilgers  Tlfn. 958 62 20 39 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm